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Spectacular ski and sail adventure in the Sunnmore alps

The Sunnmore alps is famous for its untouched powder snow mountains and peaks. There are great numbers of natural pistes, offering possibilities and options for a wide range of skiers. Many of the most spectacular places are available only by boat, and that’s why we sail.

The trip start and ends in Aalesund. Vigra airport (AES) is about 15 minutes by car from Aalesund. Vigra have direct flight from example Oslo, London and Amsterdam by SAS & KLM. If you are travelling from a city at the coastline or wish to extend your journey with a day or two we reccomend that you check out Hurtigruten who offer mini cruises in Norway.

Booking & live availability

Whats Included

  • Professional ski guides
  • Avalanche equipment

  • Accommodation on board
  • All food and all meals
  • Free wifi without Netflix etc..
  • All boat-related expenses such
    as diesel, gas, harbor-fees etc

  • Not Included
  • Drinks with alcohol
  • Flights to/from Aalesund

Important Information

Due to covid-19 you can cancell
until 7 days before the trip starts.

Ski and Sail 5 nights
Nok from 16.900 /explorer

Single Booking
We have now opened for single bookings

You need a travel insurance
who cover ski touring.

Food & work Information

Working onboard Westland
All explorers / participants must help out with some "work" onboard.

  • Prepare breakfast & lunch
  • Prepare and cook dinner
  • Hoist the mainsail

Can I bring a suitcase?
No! We prefer a rucksack or a duffel bag

About Sunnmore alps in Hjørundfjord

Our ski and sail adventure brings you to the famous Sunnmore Alps. The alps and surrounding areas have been shaped by shifting glaciers over the centuries making for spectacular peaks, deep valleys and amazing fjords.

Ski and sail Sunnmore alps is a trip for those of you who like the idea of powder skiing and ski touring in the untouched mountains in Hjørundfjord at the west coast of Norway.

Hjørundfjord is one of the most distinctive and magnificent fjords of Norway. Among the rugged, wildest and most beautiful mountain areas in western Norway the fjord creates a unique scenery for our sail to ski adventures. The view with blue steep fjord and white mountains with powder snow will guaranteed make memories for life!

About groups & booking

First note! About our concept "ski and sail" We mostly use the motor because of time schedule but we host the sail when we have time and wind conditions to sail. Norway at winter time have fast changing wind conditions in the fjords surrounded by high mountains.

Second note! All explorers must help out with some "work" onboard, like prepare breakfast / dinner and hoist the mainsail. Westland is not a cruise ship but more likely an expedition boat. It is important that every explorer has the right expectations and understands our concept correctly.

Third note! We have now decided to open for single bookings. Meaning you can travel alone and meet others who love ski touring the same way you do!

What is ski and sail

Ski and sail is a concept where we use our sailboats as a floating chalet; we sail to the foot of the mountains and start our skiing right on the beach. By boat we are flexible and can move from place to place, and choose hillsides, faces and our areas according to the present conditions we have. Sail to ski done by Italian and French skiers since early 1990ies, and a concept that Norwegians recently has started to appreciate.

Designing the trip

When designing your ski and sail trip we focus on safety, quality snow, terrain, and ski culture. Experience level on this trip is medium.

As organizers we try to keep the level as equal as we can, so that we can choose mountains according to the level of the group. If you are in doubt this is the right trip for you, you are welcome to contact us at any time - even you are beginner or experienced.

Welcome to SY Westland

Welcome to SY "Westland" and our adventure family. Our beautiful sailboat, Westland is 45 feet and the design are inspired by Colin Archer with pilothouse.

Westland takes a maximum of 7 passengers and staff of 2. There are 2 cabins in front, both with 2 single beds. The master cabin has one twin bed and one single bed. There are two saloons, one in the pilothouse and one underneath deck.

Note! All explorers must help out with some "work" onboard, like prepare breakfast / dinner and hoist the mainsail. Westland is not a cruise boat but more likely an expedition boat. It is important that every explorer has the right expectations and understands our concept correctly.

Mountains for ski touring

In Sunnmore alps we have many mountains who is perfect for off piste and ski touring. Our guides know the mountains and the area very well and will according to the forecast and weather conditions always choose the best route for the day. The mountains in Sunnmore alps is about 1200 - 1700 meters above sea level.

  • Maudeggja 1021 m a.s.l.
  • Kviteggja 1717 m a.s.l.
  • Skaarasalen 1542 m a.s.l.
  • Dukhornet 1412 m a.s.l.
  • Slogen 1564 m a.s.l.
  • Hornindalsrokken 1529 m a.s.l.
  • Kolaastinden 1532 m a.s.l.

Equipment List

Make sure you bring everything you need. We encourage you to use what you have for this trip, and purchase items if you’re missing something important on the list below.

Touring skis, boots and backcountry ski poles.

To assist in steep ascents. Consider bringing an ice ax or whippet as well.

Safety first! Make sure it fits over your thin, windproof hat and does not move when you shake your head.

Bring extra batteries for your beacon and make sure your beacon currently has above 90% battery.

2 sets of wool long-sleeved top and bottom. Warm, Extra Warm or Expedition thickness is recommended.

A medium thickness wool or fleece top to go over your base layer.

A thick, warm, insulated jacket to put on during breaks. We recommend a puffy jacket with down or synthetic.

Gore-Tex or similar is mandatory. Extremely important in Norwegian climate. The jacket must be waterproof, have a hood, and make sure you don’t get wet even if it rains all day. We recommend jackets with pit zips for ventilation.

Use a synthetic or down jacket that fits over your base layer and mid layer, yet underneath your rain shell. Should be comfortable with full range of movement when all layers are on.

Bring an extra medium thick layer to add underneath your medium insulated jacket in case you get cold easily.

1 thin pair of wool gloves to protect your hands. 1 pair of over mittens for additional warmth with wind proofing. 1 extra pair of thick mittens in case yours get wet. 3 in total.

2 warm hats. 1 thick, 1 thin. Make sure at least one has a windproof lining.

4 pairs, we recommend wool, above the ankle or higher. 2 thin. 2 thick. We recommend a 5th pair that are extra thick for evenings.

Bring lightweight boots.

Ski pack for emergency gear and daily needs: food, water, beacon, shovel, probe, layers, first aid kit, etc... 40-50 liters recommended.

UV rated, we recommend a strap to keep them in place and so they don't get lost. Bring dark lenses with plastic frames, not metal.

Make sure the Chapstick has UV rated sunscreen in it. We also suggest cold cream such as Dermatome to help protect your skin

Insulated water bottle, 2-liter capacity. Do not bring a camelback bladder, this will freeze in cold temperatures.

Waterproof shell pants. Gore-Tex is best. We recommend heavier duty pants to keep you warm with zips for ventilation.

Make sure you bring extra batteries as they die faster in the cold.

We highly recommend bringing wool underwear and bra. No cotton

Be prepared for the cold. Insulating your camera will keep it working for the entire trip. We suggest bringing an extra battery pack.

Strongly recommended to insulate you from the ground