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Experience peace of mind and get close to nature by

stormy day at kraakenes lighthouse outside Maloy

Kråkenes lighthouse was established by the Norwegian Coastal Administration in 1906 and is an articulated and sailing lighthouse where one has the infamous Stadhavet in the north but the powerful North Sea in the west. Kråkenes lighthouse was automated in 1986 and is currently leased to the outer Nordfjord hiking team, which in turn is subject to the Norwegian Tourist Association.

Kråkenes lighthouse is surrounded by open sea, has several wind records, and is located on one of the most weather-exposed places on the west coast of Norway between Ålesund in the north and Bergen in the south. The untouched nature around the lighthouse invites to discovery trips both down by the shore and up around Kråkeneset,

At Kråkenes lighthouse you can rent the storm suite in the lighthouse building, which is in the entire attic. It was completely renovated with a new bathroom in 2019 and contains, bedroom, living room w / sofa bed, bathroom, kitchenette, and dining room w / view to the lighthouse.

On the main floor of the Lighthouse there is a lighthouse cafe during the summer season. The lighthouse café contains a living room and a large kitchen. Outside the season June, July, and August, one can rent the entire lighthouse or the entire facility.

Storm house is the house where the lighthouse assistant and family lived. A small cozy house approx. 50 m from the lighthouse itself. The house was upgraded this summer with new windows and table coverings. Here there are 4 bedrooms, two doubles, one three bed and one four bed. Well equipped kitchen, bathroom, living room and laundry room.

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