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Sail to safe harbor

skongenes fyr

Måløy is an important port for both fishermen and other seafarers who sail around Stadhavet. To show the safest rent on the south side, Ulvesund and Skongenes lighthouses were built in 1870. The latter was completed only a month after the former. This is probably since Skongenes lighthouse at the northeastern tip of Vågsøy was more complicated to build, and the landing conditions were much more difficult. To make a satisfactory landing, several mountains were blasted away in the bay below the lighthouse. Then a landing platform with a crane was built. A boathouse was then built with railways down into the sea. Still, the lighthouse's boats could only be put out or taken in when the sea was calm, and it is not so often on this edge.

The lighthouse station was otherwise given a lighthouse keeper's house with a 4th order lantern mounted on the corner facing the sea, outbuildings and oil shed. The shoes were furnished for a lighthouse keeper and his family and had an extra room in the attic of a reserve assistant. In 1875 the lighthouse got its first fog bell, but it made a bad sound, so it was replaced seven years later. In 1892, the lighthouse was reinforced and moved to a small tower. In 1932, a permanent assistant was also hired at the lighthouse, and he and his family got their own home.

At the end of the war, Skongenes lighthouse was damaged so much after an Allied air strike that it had to be rebuilt. It therefore got a new lighthouse keeper's residence. It was used by the lighthouse keeper and his family until 1961 when the lighthouse was converted into a tower station. The assistant home was then sold and moved. Two years later, the lighthouse was electrified, and the fog clock was replaced with a nautophone that gave two shocks every 30 seconds.

In 1985, the lighthouse was automated and manned. Ytre Nordfjord Turlag lighthouse now rents the buildings from the Norwegian Coastal Administration and receives overnight guests in the old lighthouse keeper's residence. Usually, guests go to the lighthouse. The most used path starts at about the highest point of the road and goes along Storelva (which is quite small) and passes Forkjevatnet. From there, it continues along the power line beyond the ridge to the lighthouse. The trip takes about an hour one way.

From the lighthouse you have an adventurous view of Stadlandet, among other places. On the way home, you can walk along the beach on the east side of Vågsøy and into Langeneset. Along the way you pass Skongsneshelleren, almost down to the water's edge. The waves have created the impressive hula where people lived already in the Stone Age.