Explore 62 north hiking tour in Hoddevik

At day one of Explore 62 north's adventure "Explore Nordfjord" we will surf at the amazing beach Hoddevik at Stadlandet in Nordfjord. If we are "unlucky" and there is no wind, the ocean is flat with no waves we have the possibilities to hike the mountain Mosekleivhornet

At the top of Mosekleivhornet we have an amazing panoramic view of the village Hoddevik, the beach and the wild North sea coming in from west. There can be really rough weather at Stadlandet with very strong wind and heavy waves. The Stadhavet is a feared and well-known stretch of sea for sailors along the Norwegian coast. Many ships and many human lives have been lost in storms on the Stadhavet. Some of the shipwrecks are better known than others.