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  • Kråkenes fyr som ligger vest av kystbyen Måløy

    Accommodation in Maloy

    Photo by RobertC
  • Accommodation in Maloy

    Photo by RobertC

Unique and exciting accommodation in Maloy

There are many exciting opportunities for accommodation in the area around Måløy. The place has 4 lighthouses that are still in operation and it is possible to book accommodation at 3 of them, Kråkenes lighthouse, Skongenes lighthouse and Ulvesund lighthouse. Furthermore, we have many nice fisherman's cabins such as The white pearl and out at Solheim fishing holiday. There are many campsites in the area such as Steinvik camping. You can also camp at one of Norway's most beautiful beach, Refviksanden. If you are going on a trip with Explore 62 North and have a challenge finding accommodation, do not hesitate to call us and we will assist as far as possible! :)

Kråkenes lighthouse outside coastal town Måløy

Kraakenes lighthouse

Information & booking: +47 929 97 913
Kraakenes lighthouse was established by the Norwegian coastal adm. in 1906 and is a important lighthouse for sailors crossing the the rough and powerful Stadhavet.

Ytre Nordfjord Turlag has since 01.01.2019 run the lighthouse on a voluntary basis. Here we rent out the Storm suite in the main building and rooms in the Storm house. We also have a small cafe in the summer. Out of season (June, July, and August) you can also rent the entire facility by contacting us.

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Ulvesund lighthouse outside coastal town Måløy

Ulvesund lighthouse

Information & booking: +47 578 51 777
Ulvesund lighthouse is located on Hjertenes nearby Maloy, in Vagsoy municipality in the outer Nordfjord. Ulvesund lighthouse has been a bright spot for seafarers since 1870. We want it to be a bright spot every day for our guests.

Ulvesund lighthouse is one of four lighthouses that show the boats safely around Stadt, which is one of the worst stretches of sea in Norway.

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Skongenes lighthouse outside coastal town Måløy

Skongenes lighthouse

Information & booking: +47 489 55 867
Skongenes lighthouse is located on the north side of Vågsøya and is about an hour's walk from Halsør. It is a bit rugged terrain with moderate difficulty.

Accommodation in the lighthouse keeper's residence all year round. Standard DNT key 15 fixed beds are used, extra mattresses, the home is fully equipped. Please bring a sheet bag or bed linen set, own private towels, cup towel, private things according to your own needs.

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Solheim fikseferie west of coastal town Måløy

Solheim fiskeferie

Information & booking: +47 958 61 908
Solheim fishing holiday home is a beautiful fisherman’s cabin facility located in Vaagsvaag about 5 km west of the fishing town Maloy.

Solheim fishing holiday has 2 new fisherman's cabins with 3 apartments for rent. It is also possible to rent fishing equipment and boats. There is good fishing for cod, saithe, pike, and ling just a few minutes’ drive from the facility.

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Steivik camping east of coastal town Måløy

Steinvik camping

Information & booking: +47 917 73 449
Steinvik camping is south facing, has approx. 200 m shoreline with fishing spots, campfire site with benches by the sea, houses for fishing, tent sites and parking for motorhomes and caravans.

All cottages and apartments have views to the sea and the shipping lane. Internet is available to our guests. Spacious harbor with wooden piers and boat rentals.

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The white pearl north of coastal town Måløy

The white pearl

Information & booking: +47 905 70 780
If you like the idea of waking up to the sound of waves, seagulls, and the sound of the sea, you should treat yourself to a stay at the white pearl located by Venoy in Stad municipality.

On the island there is an old but beautifully restored boathouse with 2 apartments for rent. Great facilities for swimming, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, or just finding the absolute tranquility. Highly recommended!

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