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  • Mountain biking in Nordfjord

  • Mountain biking in Nordfjord

Nordfjord as a region has quickly emerged as the best place for mountain biking in Norway. Explorers will find a multitude of options in Nordfjord. The mountains challenge you to test your strength and stamina with steep climbs, while picturesque villages along country roads are perfect for an easy-going scenic ride.

Explore old carriage roads that hardly see any traffic, follow the asphalt roads winding through narrow valleys, or bike along the wild coast where the cool ocean breeze is your companion on the road. With such a variety of experiences, challenges and hidden gems to discover, Nordfjord is definitely one of Norway’s best cycling destinations.

«Riding in Gloppen was amazing! Not only did we have insane views as expected, the trail was so fun, long and flowy. The hardest part was not getting distracted by the landscape!»
- Sam Dugon

Ski and sail in Sunnmore alps in Norway

Booking & live availability

Important Information

Duration 5 nights
Nok 18.700 /explorer

Group Booking
Season 2020 we only take group
booking from 4 - 6 explorers

Food & work Information

Working onboard Westland
All explorers / participants must help out with some "work" onboard.

  • Prepare breakfast & lunch
  • Prepare and cook dinner
  • Hoist the mainsail

Can I bring a suitcase?
No! We prefer a rucksack or a duffel bag

Whats Included

  • Professional mtb guide in Gloppen
  • Professional mtb guide in Folven

  • Accommodation on board
  • All food and all meals
  • Free wifi without Netflix etc..
  • All boat-related expenses such as diesel, gas, harbor-fees etc
  • In the evenings we can visit local farmers and taste substainable food and drinks.
  • Not Included
  • Drinks with alcohol
  • Travel to/from Maaloy

About E62 bike and sail adventure

The trips start in Maaloy . We sail the nordfjord to Gloppen where we have 2 days with mountain biking. Guide Vidar from Nordfjord Active will show us the mountains Haugsvarden and Blaanibba.

The third day we take a break from biking and sail the fjord all the way to Stryn/Loen. From Loen we take our old Caravelle and drive to Folven camping. Fred Syversen is an excellent guide who will show us Napen and the famous Himalayan trail in Oppstryn.

In the evenings we can visit local farmers and taste substainable food and drinks. If you have any request we will do our best to make your wish fulfilled.

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Ski and sail in Sunnmore alps in Norway

Haugsvarden in Gloppen

Haugsvarden is one of the most scenic rides you will find in Norway.

Gloppen could be the ultimate dream for anyone wanting to ride the “typical” fjord style trail. Starting from the top of the mountain, one of the areas most famous trails meanders down the mountainside overlooking the Nordfjord on the one side and massive snowcapped mountains on the other.

At the top the trail was rough, fast singletrack, that mixed natural flow with man-made features, before dropping down into steep rocky chutes that would send your adrenaline levels spiking, leading into the final high-speed section through a rocky gully. The group, expecting a mellow ride, couldn’t actually believe what they’d just ridden down. Stoked was an understatement.
- Hanna Jonsson

Mountain Blaanibba in Gloppen

After a steep climb on a gravel road, a long push bike starts. You work your way up to the peak of Blånibba. From here you can see Breimsvatnet east of Sandane. To the west you can see into the Fjord and the peak of Haugsvarden. The descent starts rocky and alpine, but with a clear line.

The flow of the trail develops more and more. You will fly on the grassy alpine terrain on a narrow trail. Always prepared for some sudden corners or sharp rocks pointing out. In the background you can see the Myklebustbreen glacier. After a steeper technical part you will come into the woods. The trail goes along a beautiful creek. A few meters later it starts to get tricky. Lots of rocks make a good line choise and active riding necessary to get over.

Riding Napen in Folven

The 2,7-kilometer long new trail Napen is a link between the "Himalayan" trail and the Folven Adventure camp in the bottom of the valley in Oppstryn, Nordfjord.

The background for the new bike trail Napen was that it was boring to ride asphalt down from the Himalayan trail. When they found out that there was a local hiking trail down the mountainside from where the Himalaya trail ends, Fred Syversen and his team took action. First by hand, and lately also with excavators.

Now the Napen trail has become a proper flow path. It encourages speed, to release the brakes and get your eyes wide forward. The trail is a built path with berms and some inserted elements. It's not so hard to ride the trail, maybe a little over the beginner level.

Himalayan trail in Folven

Folven wasn’t located right on the fjord, but about an hour in-land and looked like something taken straight out of Lord of The Rings. Nature here is bigger and bolder, and the same could be said about its main trail. The Himalaya Trail was blown out of the mountainside in the 17th century to allow the local farmers access to lead their cattle from one valley to the next. Many years later and thanks to some restoration work by local riders, it’s now almost fully rideable and has some of the sketchiest, yet doable sections around.

A true work of art, and not for the faint-hearted, the group realized as they maneuvered their way down one rocky chute after the next. A proper ride through the wilderness with both slow gnarly tech and high-speed flow.

The riding in Folven really took us by surprise. Norway just has this amazing landscape, wild untouched nature, that is perfect for adventures
- Tina Gerber