Infection control plan for Explore 62 North AS

Explore 62 North AS has prepared the current infection control plan for our trips in dialogue with the infection control doctor in Stranda municipality, which is the host municipality for our ski and sailing trips.

 The purpose of this plan is to:

1) Prevent infection by covid-19 on board SY Westland and on our arranged trips.

2) Describe whether the accident is out and there is an infection among our guests or crew what should and must happen.

3) It is extremely important that you read this plan, understand, and accept its contents.

Explore 62 North AS plans to carry out ski and sailing trips from the first week after Easter 2021. The infection will then be assumed to be at a lower level than now, at the same time as a larger part of the population will be vaccinated against covid-19.

Each participant is responsible, also for the community on board the sailboat. The most important rule that applies to everyone in all of Norway is that if you feel sick, you should not show up for a trip, but stay at home!

Explore 62 North AS follows regulations on infection control measures, especially section 13. C. If all guests follow our rules, there is little danger of being infected by covid-19. However, there is always a certain risk and it is important that you as a participant are aware of this risk and that you accept it.

On board the sailing boat Westland, there is no room to maintain infection-free zones, nor to always keep a meter distance from shoulder to shoulder. Nevertheless, it is extremely important to have good infection control on the trips, both in terms of cleaning, hand hygiene and distance.


Tasks that fall on Explore 62 North AS:

Tasks that fall on each participant:

Convenient on board:

Plan in case of illness or in case of suspicion of illness:

I have read, understood, and accepted the contents of this infection control plan.