Make sure you bring
everything you need.
We encourage you to use what you have for this trip, and purchase items if youre missing something important on the list below.
SKIS, BOOTS, POLES Touring skis, boots and backcountry ski poles.
HELMET Safety first! Make sure it fits over your thin, windproof hat and does not move when you shake your head.
Bring extra batteries for your beacon and make sure your beacon currently has above 90% battery.
BASE LAYER - 2 SETS 2 sets of wool long-sleeved top and bottom. Warm, Extra Warm or Expedition thickness is recommended.
MID-LAYER A medium thickness wool or fleece top to go over your base layer.
INSULATED JACKET A thick, warm, insulated jacket to put on during breaks. We recommend a puffy jacket with down or synthetic.
SHELL / RAIN JACKET Gore-Tex or similar is mandatory. Important in Norwegian climate. The jacket must be waterproof, have a hood, and make sure you don’t get wet even if it rains all day. We recommend jackets with pit zips for ventilation.
INSULATED JACKET Use a synthetic or down jacket that fits over your base layer and mid layer, yet underneathe your rain shell. Should be comfortable with full range of movement when all layers are on.
EXTRA TOP LAYER Bring an extra medium thick layer to add underneathe your medium insulated jacket in case you get cold easily.
GLOVES & MITTENS 1 thin pair of wool gloves to protect your hands. 1 pair of over mittens for additional warmth with windproofing. 1 extra pair of thick mittens in case yours get wet. 3 in total.
HATS 2 warm hats. 1 thick, 1 thin. Make sure at least one has a windproof lining. 1 sun hat to protect your face.
HIKING SOCKS 4 pairs, we recommend wool, above the ankle or higher. 2 thin. 2 thick. We recommend a 5th pair that are extra thick for evenings.
BOOTS Bring lightweight boots.
SKI BACKPACK Ski pack for emergency gear and daily needs: food, water, beacon, shovel, probe, layers, first aid kit, etc... 40-50 liters recommended.
SUNGLASSES UV rated, we recommend a strap to keep them in place and so they don't get lost. Bring dark lenses with plastic frames, not metal.
SUNSCREEN / CHAPSTICK Make sure the Chapstick has UV rated sunscreen in it. We also suggest cold cream such as Dermatone to help protect your skin
WATER BOTTLES Insulated water bottle, 2 liter capacity. Do not bring a camelback bladder, this will freeze in cold temperatures.
PERSONAL MEDICATIONS Make sure you bring any personal meds you need on your trip, and ensure the Hvitserk office is updated on your allergies or needs.
SHELL PANTS Waterproof shell pants. Gortex is best. We recommend heavier duty pants to keep you warm with zips for ventilation.
HEADLAMP Make sure you bring extra batteries as they die faster in the cold.
WOOL UNDERWEAR We highly recommend bringing wool underwear and bra. No cotton
CAMERA Be prepared for the cold. Insulating your camera will keep it working for the entire trip. We suggest bringing an extra battery pack.
SITTING MAT Recommend to insulate you from the ground.